Alexandra Greenberg, MSPH

Global Executive Committee, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

Alexandra (Ali) Greenberg, MSPH, serves on the Global Executive Committee for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, an international non-profit that works with students to ensure affordable access to medicines developed via public funding, often at universities.

She previously served as UAEM North America’s Advocacy & Campaigns Officer. Before joining the UAEM staff, she had been working in global health and advocacy for six years while she completed a Masters in International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She specializes in health communications and social and behavioral change.

During her MSPH, she was a Research Associate for the International Vaccine Access Center, focusing on dengue vaccine introduction and spent six months in Peru completing qualitative research on access to care and treatment for asthma. Ali is now completing her Masters in Medical Sciences at Boston University and additionally has experience working with several other non-profits including Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative.

My Sessions

The crisis of affordability: A panel discussion

Presidential Ballroom

In the absence of downward pressure on prices of drugs, tests, and procedures, health care prices are rising to whatever the market will bear. But these prices are far beyond what patients can bear, as evidenced by medical debt, bankruptcies, self-rationing, and other hardships that patients face. What can we do about this crucial problem? […]

High Costs