Who decides what value means?


We know overuse is rampant in our health care system. But facing the problem of low-value care takes more than just restricting certain drugs and procedures. As governing bodies and societies make policy changes, they need to be considerate of people’s experience of the health care system, and thoughtful in their own work. Part of this means engaging both clinicians and patients in a conversation about what value means when it comes to health care.

In this session, we will explore how to engage patients in conversations about the cost of care, a vital topic that is too often ignored. We will also discuss the challenges policymakers in Oregon faced when they failed to communicate to patients why they were eliminating reimbursements for certain low-value procedures.

We can’t cover everyone for everything, so how do we decide what services are worth providing and what’s the process? And who gets to make these decisions? Join us for this important conversation.


  • Leif Wellington Haase, MA, M.Phil, President, LWH Consulting – VIEW SLIDES
  • Susan Perez, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento – VIEW SLIDES
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