Susan Perez, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Susan Perez, MPH, PhD, focuses research on understanding consumers’ decision-making processes in order to develop healthcare policies, information, and resources to promote high value decisions. Dr. Perez has conducted studies that classified approaches to processing Internet health information among vulnerable populations; addressed statewide overuse of healthcare services; identified approaches for patients and providers to discuss cost; developed a statewide campaign to address variation in C-section rates by working with both patients and hospitals; and illuminated consumers’ views of cost sharing, quality and network choice. Prior to her appointment as an assistant professor at California State University, Sacramento, Dr. Perez completed a postdoctoral fellowship in quality, safety, and comparative effectiveness research and earned a doctorate in Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership program at the University of California, Davis.

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1) Using patient-oriented evidence that matters (POEMs) to generate potential recommendations for the Choosing Wisely campaign Kenneth Lin 2) Right Care Transformations: 90 Day Rapid Cycle Improvement Exemplars Diana Jolles 3) What, When & How of Cost Conversations Susan Perez 4) The Effects of Physician Organization on the Disadoption of Low-Value Services: Evidence from PSA […]


Who decides what value means?


We know overuse is rampant in our health care system. But facing the problem of low-value care takes more than just restricting certain drugs and procedures. As governing bodies and societies make policy changes, they need to be considerate of people’s experience of the health care system, and thoughtful in their own work. Part of this […]

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What, When & How of Cost Conversations

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What, When & How of Cost Conversations Susan Perez