Phillip Longman

Washington Monthly

Phillip Longman is a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and a senior editor at Washington Monthly. He is also the policy director at the Open Markets Institute, where he is currently researching the effects of concentration in health care. Mr. Longman was appointed by Senate President Harry Reid to serve on the Commission on Care, a federal panel charged with creating a strategic plan for the future of veterans’ healthcare. He has written extensively on VA health care, including his book Best Care Anywhere: Why VA healthcare would be Better for Everyone, now it its third edition. Mr. Longman lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Sandy, and son, Sam.

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Next system hospitals: Cost, quality, & innovation

Presidential Ballroom

How do the current economics of hospitals drive their behavior? What policy levers can we use to change these incentives? How do we bring hospitals into the next health system? In this featured panel, Next System Hospitals: Cost, Quality, and Innovation, we will talk about the success of Maryland’s globally budgeted hospital system, and how it could […]

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