Leif Wellington Haase, MA, M.Phil

President, LWH Consulting

Leif Wellington Haase, MA, M.Phil, is president of LWH Consulting and a leading author and researcher on the U.S. health system, focusing on health care reform, insurance coverage, and health care costs. He is the author of numerous publications, including A New Deal for Health: How to Cover Everyone and Get Medical Costs Under Control, National Health Insurance: Lessons from Abroad and Lessons from California’s Health Reform Efforts for the National Debate. He has served as executive director for the California Task Force on Affordable Care and was director of the New America Foundation’s California Program, which sponsored research on issues of critical importance to California, including health care, education, energy, and tax and budget policy. Before joining New America, he served as senior program officer at The Century Foundation, leading its health policy program. Haase holds degrees from Yale University and Princeton University.

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Who decides what value means?


We know overuse is rampant in our health care system. But facing the problem of low-value care takes more than just restricting certain drugs and procedures. As governing bodies and societies make policy changes, they need to be considerate of people’s experience of the health care system, and thoughtful in their own work. Part of this […]

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