Carol Sakala, PhD, MSPH

Director of Childbirth Connection Programs, National Partnership for Women & Families

Carol Sakala, PhD, MSPH, is Director of Childbirth Connection Programs at the National Partnership for Women & Families. She works to advance high-value maternity care through payment reform, performance measurement and consumer engagement, serving on many advisory bodies and workgroups. She is co-investigator of national Listening to Mothers surveys and PI of the Listening to Mothers in California survey. Her program develops well-received consumer resources, including www.ChildbirthConnection.org, to help women navigate the maternity care system and make evidence-informed decisions.

At the Lown conference, Carol is presenting the work of a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary National Advisory Council that collaborated to develop a new Blueprint for Advancing High-Value Maternity Care Through Physiologic Childbearing. This Blueprint charts the way to a more complete, balanced maternity care system that provides appropriate care for the many childbearing women and newborns who receive but do not need specialized care and an upstream preventive model of perinatal patient safety for all.

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This policy panel presents maternity care as a large clinical area that is foundational for population health with major opportunities for better outcomes and spending through Right Care. A baby is born every 8 minutes in the US, and 23% of those discharged from hospitals are childbearing women and newborns. They account for 5 of […]

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