Single payer: Follow the money

Presidential Ballroom

The first step to creating the perfect health care delivery system would be universal coverage, says George Halvorson. But what kind of universal coverage? How do we pay doctors? How do we optimize patient care delivery? How do we share the financial risk of health care costs? These are a few of the topics the panel will explore in this session.

KEYNOTE:  George C. Halvorson, Chair and CEO of the Institute for InterGroup Understanding – VIEW REMARKS


  • Dean Baker, PhD, Senior Economist, Center for Economic and Policy Research
  • Adam Gaffney, MD, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Danielle Martin, MD, CCFP, FCFP, MPP, Vice President, Women’s College Hospital


MODERATOR:  Vikas Saini, MD, President, Lown Institute

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