Finding & training clinicians for the next health system

Presidential Ballroom

Brian Klepper, PhD

Much of the next wave of health care innovation will come from entrepreneurs who have devised better approaches – with better health outcomes and/or lower cost than conventional approaches – and who are willing to put their fees at financial risk against the performance target they claim they can achieve. Often, rather than openly sharing their methodologies, they’ll consider their treatment pathways as proprietary, so that clinicians who aspire to get better outcomes will pay for licenses to train with them. This is already happening, as several examples in musculoskeletal disorder management, cardiometabolic care management and allergy management will make clear.

Chistopher Moriates, MD

To prepare for a health system that delivers on value, we must train and educate health professionals differently. Many training programs have begun to provide foundational knowledge about the framework of value-based health care delivery, and are working to bridge this to real-world experiences in clinical learning environments that reinforce these ideals.

Next Health System